Student Council

The Student Council members are elected by their peers as a representation of the student body. They work closely with the Principal to evaluate the direction of school culture and to represent the student body in decision-making processes for the school. The Student Council coordinates with the Leadership Class and Student Ambassadors program to ensure that student life is active and fun. Together, these groups put on school dances, movie nights, school-wide community service events, lunch time activities, and much more! If you are interested in Student Council, please contact Ms. Brown at 

Congratulations to our Student Council Officers for 2013-2014:

Class of 2014 Officers
Dustin Tran, President

Julia Di Simone, Vice President

Class of 2015 Officers
Sabbath Mikelson, President

Sasha King, Vice President
Kansha Sengupta, Secretary
Amy Vincent, Treasurer

Class of 2016 Officers
Mariel Chiong, President
Clayton Franklin, Vice President

Class of 2017 Officers
Tessa Mullins, President
Téa Stephenson, Vice President