Little Shop of Horrors - Spring Musical!

Come join LVCP for a fun night of music and comedy in this year's production of Little Shop of Horrors!  Meet Seymour, Audrey, Mr. Mushnick, and of course Audrey II for fun night of acting, singing, and attempted world domination.  Opening night was amazing!  The next performances are Thursday, June 8 (7pm), Friday, June 9 (7pm); and Saturday, June 10 (2pm and 7pm performances).  Ticket prices are $3 for LVCP Students, $5 for other students, $10 for adults. Support our LVCP players and see why the line "FEED ME SEYMOUR!" has made audiences laugh for over 50 years! For more questions, see our wonderful director: Ms. Deakin! Please note that all evening performances are at 7pm (they were erroneously stated earlier).