Principal's Welcome

Welcome to LVCP!  Here are 5 reasons why LVCP is an amazing school community!
     1. The Staff! - We have an absolute amazing collection of teachers and staff at LVCP!  Whether it is Mr. Dean coordinating an army for one his many projects, or Mr. Novello getting excited about Calculus, LVCP staff brings the heat everyday!  
     2. The Students! -  Never in my career have I seen such a talented group of students.  Whether it's academic, artistic, musical, interpersonal, leadership, or creative, the talent at LVCP surpasses all other schools in the Universe!  
     3. The Mission! - Our number one mission is to steer towards and prepare all students for a post-secondary college / university placement.  However, it needs to be said that the big picture mission of LVCP is much more deep and complex.  We at LVCP work tiredly to help students unlock their natural talent and ability.  The big picture end game is that our students go off into the world and use their skills and talents to make the world a better place for all as well as to make a living.  
    4. The School Culture and Climate! - The LVCP culture and climate is truly outstanding and extremely refreshing!  Our school is extremely tolerant, aware of, and most accepting of all types of human being living on planet Earth.  LVCP uses this attitude towards others as well as our diversity to foster a sense of community and belonging that is strong and too abundant to measure.  Our students are driven, passionate, and courageous!
    5. The Parents!  - We have the greatest collection of parents!  Our LVCP Parents are passionate, involved, and willing to help whenever called upon.   
     It is truly my privilege and honor to serve our LVCP school community as your Principal.  Fly High Hawks!
Mr. Dillie