The State Board of Education approved the petition for the Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory High School in July 2009, and the High School opened its doors in August 2010 to its first 9th grade class.  However, the LVCP story really began in 2004 when in response to the closing of two local public elementary schools, parents, and educators started the Livermore Valley Charter School (LVCS). 

The Livermore Valley Charter School is the product of roughly 18 months of hard work by a group of about 100 committed parents, teachers, principal,and office manager. Their charter petition drew praise from California charter school advocates and has been used as a model for other charter schools statewide. The impetus for creating the Livermore Valley Charter School was to allow families a choice in where their children attended school.

The Livermore Valley Charter School founders dreamed of an education for children that encompassed more than just the core curriculum, while focusing on the skills that would make children competent citizens and life-long learnersin the 21stcentury.    They dreamed of an education that included small class size, enrichment in the areas of art, music, physical education, science, and foreign language, and a curriculum driven by the most current research in education.  They sought to include parents and families as an integral part of the Elementary School from day one.

The extraordinary parent and staff commitment to volunteerism and financial support for the benefit of the school has continued and strengthened since opening day at the Livermore Valley Charter School. This same unwavering support for choice in education, led to the Livermore Valley Charter School community to begin discussing the possibility of a charter high school in May 2006. They wanted to provide students attending the Livermore Valley Charter School, with an opportunity to remain in the same educational system.

The Livermore Valley Charter Preparatory High School’s philosophy of education is a natural progression from that of the Livermore Valley Charter School.  The High School provides a college preparatory education in an individualized, creative, collaborative, and emotionally supportive environment that challenges every student to reach his or her potential.  Class sizes are between 22 to 25 students and can never exceed an averagestudent/teacher ratio of 27:1, according to the High School’s charter.

Livermore Valley Charter School began operation in 2005, and quickly became the highest performing public school in the Livermore area. 

Both schools are operated by the Tri Valley Learning Corporation and are authorized through the California State Board of Education.